our skilled karegars carry out painting services at home,office,commercial areas both inside and outside the buildings through quality painting materials .

Electrical Panel Upgrade

Price is but one factor which enters in paint values

Service Policy
  • Visiting fee for all services is fixed @ Rs.200 and Rs.350 in case of night emergency.
  • The Karegar will proceed with the change of spares and repairs only when the client has approved cost of spare and repairs.
  • Purchases, transportation, loading and unloading will be included in the final bill.
  • After 5 services at a specific house, office and commercial entity, the 6th service will be free of cost.
  • Karegar would 100% guarantee workmanship for two months with professionalism and dedication.

If the client is not satisfied we will redo it without any service charges.

  • Pricing

    Wall Paper per Foot On Quotation
    Mad Polishing On Quotation
    Wall Repaint,Interior per Foot 7
    Wall Repaint,Exterior per Foot 9
    Up to 16 Feet New Paint 16
  • Gallery

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