Diesel Generators Services

Our Karegar team is capable of installing and maintaining diesel generators of all types.We carry out regular repairs, trouble shooting problem of mechanical and electrical nature.

Service Policy
  • Visiting fee for all services is fixed @ Rs.200 and Rs.300 in case of night emergency.
  • The Karegar will proceed with the change of spares and repairs only when the client has approved cost of spare and repairs.
  • Purchases, transportation, loading and unloading will be included in the final bill.
  • After 5 services at a specific house, office and commercial entity, the 6th service will be free of cost.
  • Karegar would 100% guarantee workmanship for two months with professionalism and dedication.

If the client is not satisfied we will redo it without any service charges.

  • Pricing

    Generator Service up to 40 KVA(Depend on DG) Rs 1,200
    Generator Service above 40 KVA On Quotation
    Change of ATS Equipment Rs 1,200
    Repair of Self or Dynamo (Depend on DG) Rs 2,300
    Repair of Radiator including wash Rs 1,200
    Check RPM, AVR Card Rs 600
    Gas Kit (Depend on DG) On Quotation
    Full Overhauling (Depend on DG) On Quotation
    Tappet Cover (Depend on DG) On Quotation
    Main Oil Seal (Depend on DG) On Quotation
    Crank (Depend on DG) On Quotation
    Water body (Depend on DG) On Quotation
    Top Overhauling On Quotation
    Safety Rs 350
    Heater (Depend on DG) On Quotation
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